What men fantasize about most

January 10th, 2009 by

If there is one thing your boyfriend or husband fantasizes about, it’s this. Fair warning: you might not want to hear it. If you want to know anyway, read on.

The one thing every man fantasizes about is other women. No matter how much we love you, no matter how beautiful you are, no matter how great you are in bed – we will fantasize about other women. Lots of them.

We will fantasize about our ex-girlfriend, the girl in high school we wish we’d have asked out, our average-looking co-worker, the famous actress on tv, the girl at the grocery store – basically, we’ll probably fantasize about every attractive woman we’ve ever seen that we can remember.

Before you get insecure, it’s important to understand that fantasies are just fantasies. Even if we would never even consider cheating on you, we will still fantasize about other women. It does not mean we seriously want to have sex with other women. We just like playing with the idea.

Your boyfriend will probably hate me for telling you this, but it’s the truth. We fantasize about other women. We can’t help it.