Let’s face it: most women are insecure about their bodies. We know, because you keep telling us. Over and over again. To some extent, we sympathize with you. We’re insecure about our own bodies sometimes, as well. The size of our penis, our lack of muscle, our expanding bellies – they’re just a few of the many things men worry about at times.

So if you occasionally ask us if we think you’re still beautiful, that’s perfectly ok. We’ll even mean it when we answer with the obligatory “of course, you’re absolutely gorgeous!”

What’s not ok, however, is if you keep asking it again and again. Our opinion isn’t likely to change in a week, much less in an hour. If we’re dating you or are married to you, regularly have sex with you, and like touching your body even at the most inappropriate of times, we expect those things to make the answer pretty clear already. At that point, if you continue to ask about it, it’s not just annoying. It actually shows you don’t trust us.

We like your body. It’s probably not perfect, but we don’t care. It’s like a tasty pizza – we want to enjoy it, not think about whether or not it’s the best we’ve ever seen. To us, the fact that we get to play with it is far more important than any possible imperfections. And as long as you allow us to watch it and touch it, we’ll be entirely happy with it.