Timing is everything in dating. Even more so when it comes to sex. And most of all when it comes to deciding you would rather wait a bit longer before getting into bed with a guy.

Most men are perfectly to willing to have sex on the first date. Hell, many of us probably wouldn’t even mind having sex before the first date. But we know that many women prefer waiting a few more dates, so we don’t mind waiting with them. After all, good things are worth waiting for.

However, if you’re intent on not going all the way right away, make it clear at an early stage. That does not mean you should start off the evening by announcing you don’t have sex on the first date. That’s just crazy. But you shouldn’t wait until you’re naked in bed with us before letting us know you’d prefer to wait a bit longer, either. Doing the latter not only confuses us, it can cause us enormous physical pain. (yes, I’m talking about blue balls here)

So when to let us know you don’t want to take it any further right away, then?

Your best bet is probably not to take any clothes off unless you’re willing to put what’s underneath them to use. We will wish you’d wanted to take it further, but we will also appreciate you for not being a tease.