To most men, it’s a mystery why so many women spend incredible amounts of time and money shopping for clothes. We understand the desire to look good, but we don’t see why it should be taken to the point of obsession. Still, there are a number of things we like seeing, as well as some things most of us hate.

What we like

Of all the things men like, perhaps the most important one is simplicity. Unlike fashion designers, straight men find you much more interesting than they find your clothes. So if your clothes draw too much attention away from your body, that’s bad. A simple tank top that shows off your curves is much, much better than any elaborate designer outfit that obscures the things we actually like seeing.

Aside from simplicity, subtle suggestion is also a good thing. A hint of cleavage, clothes just tight enough to cling to your curves – they’re all things that will raise our interest while leaving enough to the imagination. Cover too much or too little, on the other hand, and we’ll quickly lose interest.

What we don’t like

Anything that makes you look less feminine is something we probably won’t like. From your big shapeless nightgown to your big shapeless winter coat, they’re all things that can quickly make us stop seeing you as female at all. Sure, they might be comfortable, but so are pajamas.

Just as bad is exposing too much. Even if we might like seeing it sometimes, dressing trashy does not make you attractive in the long run. After all, if there’s nothing left to the imagination, there’s nothing to fantasize about. It will make us grow bored sooner or later – probably sooner.

Another big turn-off are intricate, elaborate designer outfits. These might impress other women and fashionable gay men, but straight men are usually just confused by them. In most cases, a simple t-shirt and jeans will look far better on you than any abstract outfit straight from the front lines of the fashion wars.

And finally, capri pants and leggings. Or – worst of all – capri leggings. They look ridiculous, and should be considered one of the most effective ways of birth control available.