When it comes to relationships and dating, it’s normal to get annoyed sometimes. But with some couples, small annoyances build up to the point where they ruin relationships. Don’t let that happen to you. Here’s a list of things many women do that drive men crazy, so you can learn to recognize and avoid them.

6. Nagging

There are many ways to get someone to do something. Nagging is not among those ways. It makes someone resent not only whatever it is that needs to be done, but the person nagging them as well.

If you want your boyfriend to grow an intense dislike for you as a person, then nagging is your method of choice. But if you want him to do the dishes more often, you might want to try a different approach.

5. Demanding attention at the worst possible times

No matter how much a guy loves you, sometimes he just wants to (or has to) spend time on other things. And that should be alright. After all, he’s your partner, not your Siamese twin. If you don’t respect his personal space, you will just end up driving him insane.

So if he spends the occasional afternoon goofing off on the computer, watching the game on tv or “fixing” things in the garage, just let him be and maybe bring him a beer. He’ll love you for it, and will return the favor when you want some “you-time”.

4. Saying the opposite of what you mean

When he asks you if something is the matter, saying “I’m fine” is the worst possible way to tell him that you’re upset about something. Even if he realizes that you’re actually not fine at all, that answer makes it all but impossible for him to actually figure out what’s wrong and do something about it.

3. Getting between him and his friends

So you don’t like his buddies – perhaps even rightly so. But no matter how much you dislike them, something you should never do is try to come between him and his friends.

Even if you truly despise them, you don’t need to tell him about it. He probably knows it already, anyway.

2. Asking questions you don’t want answered

Do those jeans make you look fat? Is that girl prettier than you? Was his ex-girlfriend better in bed? Would he prefer watching the game and drinking beer over having dinner with your parents?

Every guy knows what the “correct” answer to these questions is, no matter what he actually thinks. And you know that he knows, so you also know that the answer you’ll be getting has nothing to do with what he thinks, and everything with his desire not to upset you.

Of course, it’s okay to ask such questions occasionally even if you already know what the answer will be. But if you ask them constantly, you will just drive him crazy in your quest for validation.

1. Being obsessively jealous

A bit of jealousy is normal, and even flattering. But when your boyfriend mentions something a female co-worker said, that does not mean he’s having an affair with her. And itdefinitely doesn’t mean you should spend the next three months obsessing over her and hinting that he has a thing for her.